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Trade Rules


  1. All CDs here are ORIGINAL releases, NO CDR's (beside demos and if it's marked!!!). Many items available in multiple copies!!! Just ask!

  2. Trades for original stuff only (except bootlegs of course)!!! I do not make copies, do not trade CDR copies, MP3 etc.!!!

  3. Condition of all items is at least very good (MOST OF THE STUFF IS NEW) and I expect the same from You! No holes in barcode, cuts etc. in booklets!!!

  4. If we've never traded before, you send package first (Sorry for that but I have too many problems with so called traders). Few exceptions of this rule only!!!

  5. CDs are sending without plastic cases, disks and booklets very well protected (notice: do not put disks into booklets, digis — disk has to be separate from digi box, booklets put between good cardboards!!!). Put each cd into separate envelope to protect it from scratches.

    CD-singles are sending in their native slim-jewel-cases. If CD-singles have usual jewel cases (not slim) they are sending like usual cds (without jewel cases). Just the same about 3-cd sets!

  6. I send packages as a registered mail only. You must do the same!

  7. Labels and distributors! I'm ready for multiple item trades!

  8. Ask about my references please.

  9. Sell is also possible.

  10. Don't offer me to trade promos! I'm not interesting to trade them! I can accept them as a gift only. ;-)
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